Workforce Development & Social Enterprise








The Workforce Development and Social Enterprise program provides youth most in need the opportunity to gain valuable job skills and real earnings to help them pursue positive life choices.  While in the program, participants develop healthy life skills, job readiness skills, industry specific (hard) skills, and financial literacy skills that prepare them for professional and personal pursuits beyond UTEC. Knowing that the youth we work with have a number of life challenges to surmount, we offer them multiple chances to excel in the program. 

The Workforce Development program features industry-specific social enterprises that operate as mini-businesses within UTEC's model. The enterprises increase UTEC's fiscal sustainability by generating earned income  while simultaneously providing invaluable on-the-job training to our young people. 

Why choose UTEC?

  • Invest in impact young adults who are working toward social and economic success. 
  • Support the planet and health of your employees by hiring businesses that focus on sustainability through recycling, local produce, and other green practices (not to mention our LEED Platinum certified green building). 
  • Possible acknowledgement of your business on the UTEC website and print materials.