Transitional Coaches

All UTEC programming is driven by intense relationship building between staff and teens.  Staff's cultural competence and time spent with teens are crucial to UTEC’s success in youth engagement, and our staff make every effort to ensure that teens are safe and supported.  Because youth in our target population come to UTEC with a number of needs, each youth is assigned to a Transitional Coach, UTEC’s name for case managers.

After building a relationship with a Streetworker or being referred to UTEC by a community partner, youth meet with a Transitional Coach to complete an assessment that determines the socio-emotional, educational, and behavioral needs that a youth may have.  Working with the youth, Transitional Coaches create a service plan to address all of a youth’s needs, including but not limited to access to basic services, education, employment, family life, and housing.

As youth work toward their personal goals, Transitional Coaches provide intensive support services to all youth on a one-on-one basis, meeting with youth, and ensuring that they attend counseling, treatment, and screening appointments. They also provide 24/7 crisis intervention services, including mediation of any conflicts (either on the street or at home with a family member). Transitional Coaches encourage youth to participate in UTEC programming, particularly Education and Workforce Development, and with the help of other UTEC staff monitor their experience within programs.

All Transitional Coaches have training in crisis intervention and mediation and several years of youth work experience.

Responsibilities of Transitional Coaches include:

  • a portfolio averaging 18 youth at a time;
  • sustaining an intensive relationship with youth for at least one year and up to three years;
  • contacting youth at least four times a week in the early stages of case management;
  • meeting with each youth for at least 1.5 hours a week; and
  • following up with youth for two years after the youth leaves UTEC to monitor long-term outcomes.

Referral Process
Community members and partners may make a referral to UTEC through our online referral form. You may follow up on referrals at  All referrals submitted online will be addressed within 24 hours.

To learn more about the work of Transitional Coaches, contact:
Tom Southerton, Director of Youth Promise
(978) 856-3920