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Doeun Kol, former Parker Foundation Fellow; Newell Flather, Parker Foundation President;
Jessica Wilson, former UTEC Director of Development; Gregg Croteau, UTEC Executive Director

The Parker Foundation is proud of its association with the United Teen Equality Center. As funders vested in the welfare of Lowell, we are keenly interested in the future of the city’s youth. Lowell’s high school, the second largest in the state, creates a dramatic presence of diverse students in the heart of the downtown area. UTEC has been inspiring in treating these young people as an asset to the community rather than a liability.

It has been a great pleasure to assist in the growth of this organization. Under the lead of our director, Phil Hall, we were proud to serve as a local sponsor for UTEC’s major grant for street outreach from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and to provide capital support for the new building.

Again and again, UTEC has shown a great collaborative spirit with other nonprofit organizations and collaboratives in Lowell. We believe this spirit has been a major factor of its success.

Newell Flather President,
Theodore Edson Parker Foundation

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