GED (HiSet) Program

GED (now known as HiSet) preparation is required for all youth in our Workforce Development program until they attain their high school credential. GED classes are offered onsite at UTEC in full-day schedules, alternating with a youth's work schedule in our social enterprises. UTEC also pays for GED testing costs as our young people work through the 5 required tests to earn a high school equivalency degree.

Integrated GED Approach

UTEC's GED instructor is a licensed teacher who teaches GED classes and works closely with Workforce Development staff to develop GED lessons that connect directly to real-world situations that young people encounter in their on-the-job training - like using the example of doubling a recipe to work through a lesson on fractions. 

Our GED program goes beyond passing the tests to integrate themes of social justice and life skills. The goal of the GED program is to develop youth’s knowledge base and cultivate youth’s empowerment through reflection and investigation of their larger social environment.

For more information, contact:

Jenn Cale, Social Justice Educator for HiSET
(978) 856-3931 or

Note: For other alternative education programs, please visit Lowell Adult Education Center.