UTEC measures the "social and economic success" of our mission in three critical areas for our proven-risk young people:

  • Reduced recidivism and criminal activity
  • Increased employability
  • Increased educational attainment

These outcomes are UTEC’s driving force. We collect a common set of information for the youth we serve to determine the relationship between UTEC programming and youth outcomes. Viewed holistically, the data allow staff to determine not just what knowledge, skills, and competencies that youth are attaining during and after their time at UTEC, but also how these abilities contribute to their success beyond UTEC.

Past reports:
- Download Outcomes Snapshot 2016 or full version of our 2016 Outcomes & Impact Report.
- Download Outcomes Snapshot 2015 or full version of our 2015 Outcomes & Impact Report
Download Outcomes Snapshot 2014 or full version of our 2014 Outcomes & Impact Report.