T-rex, 'Rocky' and recidivism feature in UTEC's 3rd District forum

LOWELL -- At this late stage in the 3rd Congressional District race, with just three weeks until the primary election, voters have had dozens of chances to learn about candidates at meet-and-greets, forums and debates. It took until Wednesday night, though, to get a campaign event fea-turing a Tyrannosaurus rex, modera-tors wearing American-flag robes and a DJ spinning top-40 hits, all while candidates spoke about recidivism and mental health. Leave it to UTEC to add some fun to this race. UTEC's young adults, all between the ages of 17 and 25, spent weeks planning for the forum they hosted Wednesday night, drafting questions and deciding on a format. They had hosted City Council and gubernatorial events before, but never one for a congressional race.