Lowell City Council Candidates Forum - Voter Guide

UTEC hosted its City Council Candidate Forum for all candidates appearing on the November 7th ballot in Lowell. This forum, as with the past eight candidate forums UTEC has hosted over the years, was run entirely by UTEC’s young people and covered a variety of issues important to our young adults.

UTEC partnered with our good friends at Lowell Telecommunications Corporation to film the full 45-minute event in studio. LTC will be airing it regularly up until Election Day - showtimes below. You can also download the Voter Guide PDF with excerpts of the candidates' responses from the Forum. 

Fri., Oct. 27: 8:30am (Ch. 99) and 10am (Ch. 8)

Sat., Oct 28: 6pm (Ch. 99) and 7:30pm (Ch. 8)

Sun., Oct 29: 4pm (Ch. 8)

Mon., Oct. 30: 9am (Ch. 8) and 5:30pm (Ch. 99)

Wed., Nov. 1: 10am (Ch. 8) and 7pm

Fri., Nov. 3: 8:30am (Ch. 99) and 9am (Ch. 8)