Redefining Futures Campaign: $5 Million in 3 Years

We proudly announce our Redefining Futures Campaign with a $275,000 Matching Gift Challenge from Strategic Grant Partners.

Our Redefining Futures Campaign is a 3-year, $5 million integrated fundraising campaign to help us grow our social enterprises and strengthen our wraparound services to give proven-risk youth in Lowell and Lawrence the opportunity to redefine their futures. Our goal is to improve outcomes for our youth relating to education, employment, and crime prevention, so that they can become positive contributors in our community and in their families.

With all new donations (and increased support from existing contributors) matched dollar for dollar, now is the time to  make a gift that will double your impact in the life of a youth in need. Your gift will  help an out-of-school youth earn a high school credential, gain work experience, and trade life on the streets for social and economic success.

For many of our youth, gangs, drugs and violence have been part of their lives, all of their lives. From the beginning, they face a number of challenges relating to poverty, neglect and violence. They drop out of school, join gangs, and are in and out of prison in an endless cycle of failure. But this cycle can be broken. It doesn’t have to define their futures.

Our nationally recognized programming that combines gang peacemaking, street outreach, case management, education, workforce training and civic engagement is changing the trajectory for our youth. Each UTEC youth shown here has earned a high-school credential and is either working locally or continuing his or her education.  As a donor, you make this transformation possible.

Our youth express the value of our programming best. UTEC alum, Simone recently said, “Everything good in my life I owe to UTEC.”  and current UTEC youth, Nico said, “I am thankful for UTEC because they never gave up on me. Now I have my GED!”  For them, UTEC is a family providing the love, support and guidance they need to redefine their futures.

If you believe that a youth reaching out for help should receive it, give today to double your impact and be the difference that Redefines their Future.  Give $1,000 or more to become a UTEC Champion for Equality and Opportunity, and join us next spring at our first annual appreciation dinner.

Thank you,

Gregg Croteau, MSW
Executive Director 

For more information or to donate, please contact :
Nancy Schiavone, Director of Development
978.856.3930 or