Gregg Croteau, Executive Director
Zenub Kakli, Chief Program Officer

Terri Steingrebe, Chief Financial Officer

UTEC Directors

Ed Frechette, Director of Social Enterprise Partnerships 
Tressa Stazinski, Senior Director of Programs

Eric Karlstad, Director of Social Enterprise Operations

Tom Southerton, Director of Youth Promise 

Jonathan Lunde, Director of Streetwork

Geoff Foster, Director of Organizing and Policy
Nancy Schiavone, Director of Development
Erin Harris, Director of Evaluation

Jessica Yurwitz, Senior Director of Learning



Veasna "Mao" Kang, Streetworker

Johnny Chheng, Streetworker


Transformational Beginnings 

Leslie Rivera, Transformational Beginnings Coach

Anthony Ellis, Transformational Beginnings Coach

Elaine Rezende, AmeriCorps Transformational Beginnings Specialist

Marjorie Kennedy, AmeriCorps Transformational Beginnings Specialist.


Transitional Coaches 

Tom Sun, Transitional Coach

Sophea Sou, Transitional Coach

Ohilda Difo, Transitional Coach

Will Ferriera, Pathways Coordinator

Elena Ansara, LICSW, Counselor

Lauren Fairman, AmeriCorps Enrichment Specialist


Workforce Development Program Staff

Manny Sequeira, Transformational Beginnings Program Supervisor

Sone Sydavong, Transformational Beginnings Program Manager  

Culinary and Catering Social Enterprise Program 
Sam Putnam, Culinary Innovator
Kodi Semon, Culinary Program Manager

Wilfredo Pizarro, AmeriCorps Culinary Specialist


Cafe UTEC Social Enterprise Program

Aaron UeharaCafe Program Manager

Diamond Asaneh, AmeriCorps Cafe Specialist


Woodworking Social Enterprise Program

Ken Gibson, Woodworking Program Manager



Nick Pelonia, Social Justice Educator

Sadyra Martinez, AmeriCorps SoJust Specialist



Melissa Maharaj, Teens Leading the Way Coordinator


Jephine Ajwala, Data and Evaluation Analyst

Enterprise Operations
Joelle Geisler, Events Manager 
Elizabeth Cheung, AmeriCorps Events Specialist

Colin Murphy, AmeriCorps AV/Cinematography Specialist



Dawn Grenier, Director of Grants & Communications

Susan Barrett, Institutional Giving Manager

Sandy Boczenowski, Database Manager

Dimitrios Booras, Development VISTA

Administration and Operations 

Miguel Quinones, AmeriCorps Program Manager

Carole Kelly, Admin Coordinator

Connie Golen, Bookkeeper

Jeff Jackson, Facilities Manager