Furniture Design: UTEC's newest enterprise

UTEC incorporated a new social enterprise into our workforce development options: woodworking and furniture design. Our vision for the program is to provide our youth with basic design and construction knowledge that can translate to future employment opportunities in either furniture design or other construction trades. Young people in the crew will learn woodworking, model making, drawing/sketching and problem solving.

While youth are learning these great, transferable employment skills, the UTEC social enterprise team will create several furniture products that can be produced by our young people for retail sales. Furniture sales will bring in revenue to support UTEC’s continued work with proven-risk young people who need work experience and other supports to achieve social and economic success.

To spearhead this production process, the program will need constant sources of wood, plywood, cement and metals. We hope to develop products that will use some recycled materials from UTEC’s Mattress Deconstruction crew, too!

The young people in Furniture Design still need some specific tools, including table saws, hand saws, and sanders. To donate these or other in-kind items, please contact UTEC at 978-856-3930 or visit 

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