Comcast Cares Day '12

On Saturday, April 21 over 50 Comcast employees and their families rolled up their sleeves and worked hard on behalf of UTEC. Here is an inventory of what they accomplished in a single day:

  • Front rails painted
  • Interior courtyard painted
  • Rails throughout the gym and front stair painted
  • Back wall of performance/gym space first coated with joint compound
  • Two flower beds planted out and mulched
  • Back driveway backfilled with gravel
  • Lunch prepared for 75 people
  • Youth and staff engaged by community partnerships
  • Tons of fun had by all!

It was a pleasure working with Comcast, who also provided all of the raw materials to get the work done.  The teens were impressed and appreciative that folks would come help us, especially on their day off.  Thank you Comcast for all of your hard work and your contribution to UTEC!

Click for photo gallery!

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