ABC News Highlights Vote 17 Teens’ Campaign Progress

Vote 17 campaign organizers are in New York City today, sharing their progress and their hopes in the Vote 17 campaign to lower the voting age in Lowell’s municipal elections. ABC News features Vote 17 in today’s articles, with comments from UTEC teen Carline Kirksey, UTEC Organizing Coordinator Geoff Foster, and Lowell Mayor Patrick Murphy.


When 17-year-old Carline Kirksey went knocking on doors around her hometown of Lowell, Mass. last summer, seeking support for a measure to lower the voting age, many of her neighbors were surprised to learn she wasn't just selling Girl Scout cookies. … "We knocked on something like 3,000 doors," Kirksey said. "Some people didn't like the idea of letting 17-year-olds vote, but we got a lot of people to change their minds."

[Lowell Mayor Patrick Murphy] also has a rejoinder for those who say enfranchising 17-year-olds just means more Democrats in Lowell. "If people are so worried about 17 year olds changing the dynamics of a local election, perhaps the 75 percent of voters who don't participate should start voting," he said.