Hire Our Youth


UTEC's Subsidized Job Placement Program provides an invaluable resource to local employers by rigorously recruiting, training, and trialing participants. Graduates of our intensive Workforce Training Programs are prepared to excel in the workforce.

An entry-level employee through UTEC's Subsidized Job Placement Program is:

  • Cost effective:
    UTEC pays 50% of employees wages for the first two months of placement – and retains the employee on UTEC’s payroll and benefits plans during this period.
  • Low risk:
    If the fit just isn’t right or the performance does not meet standards, the employee can be let go without red tape. No strings attached, no hard feelings.
  • Responsible:
    UTEC graduates have already mastered many skills that are essential for any entry-level employee: accountability, teamwork, and  commitment to learning on the job. More specifically, our young people have:
    - Maintained consistent attendance
    - Earned positive performance reviews from their UTEC Workforce supervisors
    - Completed our Soft Skills curriculum requirements
  • Community minded:
    UTEC’s program graduates have already overcome incredible barriers and met our Workforce standards. Hiring through UTEC is an investment in your business success – and in the future of our community.

Get started today:
Sako Long, Director of Youth Success
(978) 856-3905 or sako@utec-lowell.org