Staff Bio - Jonathan Lunde



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Music and the arts are what Jonathan claims to be his true loves. Jonathan has played guitar for almost two decades and has been a part of a number of bands based around the greater Boston area. In 2001 he graduated from A.I. Boston with an Associate’s Degree in communications with a focus in audio recording and music business, and is now working towards a Bachelor of Arts Degree in print journalism at Salem State University.

Having worked a plethora of jobs that paid well but brought him little inspiration, Jonathan decided to try something different three years ago and was hired as an AmeriCorps member and Cultural Arts Coordinator at the United Teen Equality Center (UTEC). This was the first time he had worked for a non-profit and it was quite a stretch from his aspirations to be a news writer for a major area newspaper. Although the job itself was different from those he’d been involved with in the past, he found that he could relate too many of the teens he worked with, due to the trials he had experienced as a youth.

Now in his third year at UTEC, Jonathan has joined the Streetworker team, which is a change from the years he spent working in enrichment. Although many of his day to day responsibilities have changed, his mission and the UTEC mission remain his primary focus every time he steps through the doors of 34 Hurd Street.

When asked about his experiences at UTEC, Jonathan’s response is always the same: “This is the first time in my 30 years that I’ve been genuinely excited to wake up and drive to work every single day”.

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